I stood on the battlements and looked out on the country. The dark hills covered almost all the horizon. It made me feel gloomy, as if the hills mirrored our real mood. A bunch of soldiers stood next to me, all of them the intent look and partly solemn expression in their faces. The sun was slowly going down the sky, till it touched the line of the country and the light began fading. I knew the next sunrise wouldn't be for all of us; maybe it would be for none of us.

The sky grew red. It looked romantic, but there was not enough place or time to enjoy the immense lookout. The shadows circled in the dark forests around the castle; the army of the enemy was preparing for an attack.

Suddenly something touched my shoulder. I turned and saw Wyrmar, the king of Selavia, an old man in his final stage, but still full of life, inspiration and strength; the real king, I thought. He gave me a smile.

We didn't talk; no more words, I thought. No more words were needed anymore. Wyrmar leaned against the battlements and took a look around. Several shadows left the forest and before long we saw the range of enemies nearing towards the castle.

The men on the battlements trembled, but I wasn't sure if they trembled due to enemies or due to the presence of the king. I was calm, put up with the situation. I touched the hilt of my sword; ever ready.

The lines of enemies slowly walked towards us. Among them there was a place that I observed with intensity. There was a figure of the most hated man in the world, the leader of the enemy, the enigmatic King of all the evil things, of all things one feared and abhorred. The time of reckoning was about to come. All the eyes of the defenders were fixed on him, as if he was now the center of the world, but this world was dark and hostile. No home anymore. We were now foreigners in our own country, the tedious insect to be smashed away out of the way by the ominous hand of the King.

The red light altered to the gloomy twilight. The enemies stopped for a moment and began roaring, menacing with their weapons. The deafening sound cut in our ears as a sharp knife. As the light was slowly fading the enemies became shadows, our nightmare.

And then the attack began ...