Thanatos, comment ça sonne? ce nom évoque des temps immémoriaux. Un monde sombre et sinistre plongé dans la nuit, recouvert de vieux arbres géants, dont les branches sont similaires aux membres tordus des anciens. Un voyageur, probablement en train d'effectuer un pélerinage, traverse ce paysage.

HISTOIRE 1: Vous êtes arrivé dans ce monde pour découvrir votre passé et le calme de votre âme. Vous avez traversé les âges, maladroitement, à travers les colines et les valons de Aclavia. Alors que maintenant, vous entrez dans un monde très différent, un monde morbide. Ici, près des Frontières, tout semble étrange et bizarre, gens hostiles, pays sombre et mystérieux. Mais il n'y a que votre passé et vos rêves qui vous intéressent, mais il semble qu'il y ait quelque chose dans les bois. Les gens ont peur de quelque chose et ce n'est pas uniquement des créatures du Nord qui traversent les Frontières de temps à autres. Il s'agit de quelque chose de beaucoup plus dangereux, ils restent évasifs sur le sujet; des indices apparaissent dans leurs discours qui vous mettent sur vos gardes et vous inquiètent.

HISTOIRE 2: En plus de tout ce que vous avez vu dans votre voyage, vous avez vu des ornements d'un dragon à deux têtes qui vous renvoie loin dans votre passé. Vous ne savez pas ce qu'ils signifient, mais vous comprenez qu'il peut s'agir de pièces pour compléter le puzzle. Vous êtes au courant que vous vous trouvez près des Frontières. Le pays de Selavia vous attire en quelque sorte, comme s'il y avait une connexion entre vous et le monde des dieux oubliés. Les gens disent qu'il existe probablement des passages à travers les rochers qui jonchent les Frontières.

WORLD: Gloomy dreary country, you should be very prudent, mad or brave to enter the woods. Not a city park, but a real wilderness. High cliffs, ragged rocks, murky corners. Better stay by the fire with a group of people, desperate like you, than to be alone, blundering among the trees. The solitary people will not live long. You should look after every movement, after every sound. The forests are dense and deadly; you never know what is behind you.

LOCATION: The country is situated into the lonesome northern corner of the kingdom called Aclavia, just at the Borders with Selavia. You may read about these two lands in my books of Thanatos saga and Cry in the Rain or The King Death Trilogy. See the links below. The Borders are very dangerous place, avoided by all reasonably people. And also legends have it there are lot of treasures hidden in the mountains left by the people, who weren't fast enough to flee south. In the last moment of their poor life they probably put traps in the vicinity of their passing so it is sometimes a madness to go for a trove.

PEOPLE: Desperate wild individuals in small groups, looking for something, longing for who-knows-what. Never believe anyone. Bad times born forlorn shy but strong people. They gather along the fires gazing into the flames, plunged in evil thoughts. As if the country has some dark influence on them. Someone has told once that if you look into the abyss the abyss will look into you.


GENERAL: This is an alone-standing modification for the game Gothic II: Die Nacht des Raben. There should be four outdoor location: Towns, Woodlands, Mountains, and others. There will be an audio output, surely, for I believe a modification without speech is not so good, and I personally avoid such modifications. The modification will be initially in English with English audio output, but I give it freely for translation to any language. I think there is lot of people of many countries who can do a fine translation. I will better concentrate to continue the work on the mod.

STORY: There will be at least two parallel main stories. If you know me, you would know something about the stories. Just wander through my website and maybe you will get to know something. There may but don't have to be hints to the original Gothic story.

CHARACTERS: Everyone should have his own habits, will, and individuality. I don't want to create empty characters. Everyone may have his own past, interests, or duties. There will be also present characters from my books.

AREAS: I also decided that the first released version of the Thanatos mod will have only one area, and that is the Mountain area (therefore the starting area; in the former plans I wanted to have the Towns to be the starting area). The reason is that I want to release the mod the earlier the better. In the following versions I will slowly add more and more areas, so the mod will grow up from its childhood to who-knows-what.

IMAGES: The images No.1 to No.3 show two areas from the older project for test purposes only. Nothing more; it won't be a part of the final version of the game. You may use them in your own project if you want (with a note in credits). The ZENs and 3ds of these two areas are downloadable below. The following list is of all the images in the images section:

TEAM: The team of this project contains only one man and that's me. The advantage is that everything what I want I really do and I don't have to rely on other people; there is no danger of splitting of the team:). The disadvantage is that I have to do everything with my own hands. That's a lot of work you know and it's not simple. But the work goes good on.

RELEASE (of the first playable version): Not specified yet. It depends also on the interest of the Gothic community.

DO YOU WANNA HELP? Of course I might need help. It is not necessary, but possible. What I need at this moment are the VOBs, especially the trees, bushes, or anything of the landscape. Also small towers, posts, or houses can be useful. I looked through the Modder databank, but there's lack of these desired things. Also you might be willing to translate especially this webpage to your own native language. Feel free to do it; I might then add your translation here so everyone can read in his own language.


Small feature list:


Caractéristiques générales:


Langue originale de la modification est l'anglais. La traduction en français n'est pas encore complètement confirmée.

S'il vous plaît laisser des commentaires, des suggestions, des avis, des questions, ou du moins certains mots; rétroaction est très important pour mon projet. Si je vois l'intérêt puis je vais travailler plus vite et sans doute mieux. Si je ne vois aucune réaction alors il sera très démotivant. Je pense que j'ai ajouté beaucoup d'informations à discuter. Il ya plusieurs possibilités façon de le faire. J'ai ouvert des discussions dans plusieurs forums:

I put regularly news into the News section and update the progress.