Infernum is a combination of paradise and hell, the personification of good and evil, hope and despair. What is hidden in the ravines and cliffs behind the shores of the island is only in the darkest imagination of freaks.

STORY: You come to the island as a castaway, a desperate man looking for salvation on the banks of stunningly beautiful island. What is before you is just dense jungle immersed in dark green mist, filled with moving shadows. Strange cries come from the forest. There is something hidden deeper on the island, but you do not know what it is. But curiosity is stronger, and that curiosity is what brings death.

(SPOILER): Strange creatures dominate the island and enslave poor people. They are not people or animals, are something scary like a nightmare from the deep dreams. But they are not the only inhabitants of the island. Somewhere in the depths of the earth hides a mysterious community of dark wizards. But what they have in mind, is not known. To get out of here will not be so easy as it may seem.

LOCATION: The landscape is fabulous, seemingly idyllic wonderful place hidden in the middle of the seas. At the second glance it's hell on earth, the land of creatures and beasts. To survive one day on the island is like to live the entire life on the mainland.


GENERAL: This is a stand-alone modification for the game Gothic II: Die Nacht des Raben.

REQUIREMENTS: Gothic2 v2.6, Addon, Gothic2 Playerkit 2.6f, Gothic2 ReportVersion(!!!).

INSTALLATION: Copy the file Infernum_CZ.ini into the [Gothic2]/System folder; copy the files InfernumB_CZ.mod, InfernumS_CZ.mod and InfernumD_CZ.mod into the [Gothic2]/Data/ModVDF folder.

FEATURES: New World; Many NPCs; New quests; Lock-picking, teachers; Various loading screens; Partial dubbing; Hidden treasures; Many species of animals; New textures, new objects; Color descriptions of animals, NPCs based on their mood; Bloody spots on the screen; and more.

TEAM: The team includes besides me several people of Czechoslovak Gothic community.

CREDITS: The Dark Mages Mod Team (Aeternitas, Dyrian, Gaz, Sir Raven)
Main story by Aeternitas.
Stories, quests: Aeternitas, Sir Raven.
World model: Aeternitas (main idea), Dyrian (modelling).
3D objects, VOBs: Gaz.
Textures: Aeternitas, Gaz.
Spacering: Aeternitas.
Scripting: Aeternitas, Sir Raven.
Audio dubbing: Aeternitas.
(Other: Sektenspinner (Ikarus-Skript-paket, Floats); Gottfried, Lehona (LeGo); Dark Soulreaver, Freddy, Gottfried, Masta of Disasta, Milgo, Pyrika, Sweil (some monster textures), König Rhobar123, Kurzer (some environment textures).)

RELEASE (first playable version): ?.

STATUS: Mod is already playable; it is possible to fulfill several quests.




Original language of the modification is Czech.

Please leave comments, suggestions, opinions, questions, or at least some word; feedback is very important for the project. If I see your interest I will work faster and probably better. If I see no reaction then it will be very demotivating. I think I have added lot of information to discuss. There are several possibilities how to do it. I opened some threads in several forums:


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