This is a tool I initially created for creation of dialogues for Gothic 2. But the project went further and now it is very advanced tool for scripting supporting 16 programming languages or script languages.

- Syntax highlighting of Daedalus (supporting cca 6500 functions, variables, constants, keywords!!!);
- Syntax highlighting of Pascal, FreePascal, Lazarus Form, Java, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, CSS, TeX, Unix Shell (program automatically sets the highlighter according to the file extension);
- Auto-completion (You need just type first letter or two and the program gives you options of continuation - use with CTRL + SPACE);
- Multitab environment;
- File association (double click on a file and it might be opened in Diakreion);
- Dragging files on Diakreion (you may drag files instead of using buttons or high menu if you want);
- You may change the environment on your wish;
- Possibility to reopen last opened tabs on start;
- Supporting projects (you can accumulate files in projects and so work on them);
- You may use hot keys;
- Simple to use;
- Automatically checking new version in internet;
- Communication with Convlett 1.8 and higher;
- Export all texts out of Daedalus files, copy them into txt file - then you may do what ever you want (corrections, Google translations, etc), and then import them back;
- Treeview;
- Simple diary creation;
- Simple syntax checker of Daedalus d-files;
- NPC and bunch of NPCs generation;
- Intelligent NPCs redistribution over WPs and routines;
- Gothic camp support;
- Help buttons, connection to Gothic Modding Wiki;
- Tab organizer;
- Items generator;
- Search-description help system;
- OUs generator;
and more -

Known issues: 1) Program MUST NOT run from folder or path, which contains other than ANSI characters. (Even so it may work with files from such places). 2) Sometimes it takes several seconds to start if you have problem with internet connection, for the program checks newer versions of itself and of Convlett.






Please leave comments, suggestions, opinions, questions, or at least some word; feedback is ever welcomed:

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