It was dark, when I left the path. I hoped I might find some better way through the fresh northern wood. I heard about people who lived in the vicinity, the woodcutters, mountaineers and miners, trying their luck in the closest hills. So I chose to follow some straying weak light that sparkled through the dense battlement of boughs and leaves.

But it was already hours ago. The light was far away, as forsaken as I, and the path vanished too. Several times I tried to go back, struggle through the bushes back towards the path, but every attempt ended as a failure. Before dark came I knew I was completely lost.

Something moved in the forest and I better stopped and crouched behind a pile of stones. Long time ago I had had a dream to become a warrior, a proud soldier of Aclavian king, but the time changed and my goals as well. I had become a student of a High University and all the romantic desire was gone.

For some time I stayed hidden, but then I continued in a vain looking for the right way. But the shadow of the forest came back. I stopped again and stared into the dark wood, awaiting what might come out. I felt it was there, something big but swift moved in the circles round me, as if I was a prey.

I seized the small weapon I only had, prepared not to sell my skin cheaply. I knew the creature stared at me but I didn't see it; it was still hidden. I felt as if hours passed but nothing came out of the wood. I realized the creature played a wicked game with me. I had a bad feeling about this.

Then the bushes opened and a band of scavengers rushed out of it, probably intruded by something more aggressive. I used the moment of turmoil and started running down the slope. I knew the creature still stared at my back. Its toy was moving.

I ran as fast as I could till I was so far from the wicked place. Still I smelled something evil at the air. It was there, so close, but I hoped vainly I might get out of its reach. I continued through the dark wood and so I got so close to the Borders of Selavia.


So I got to the darkened place in among the trees. Certainly the Thanatos mod is very gloomy game, very difficult; you never know what comes out of the bushes and mostly you're not strong enough for almost anything.

The first and main goal is to stay alive, what is almost impossible. Everything is hostile, there's no place to rest, no corner to sit down and have a good time of repose.

Till you find the first but almost forsaken settlement. People after a long time of struggling is like a star on the cloudy sky. But the men here so close to the wildest corner of the world, the evil-bringing Selavia are strange. You can't trust anyone. And still there's the creature, which is following you.

The time is running fast. You must find a way how to flee. But around there are only the dense misty woods full of creatures and beasts of the night. So what to do?


TECHNICAL: I already fulfilled the first quest given by the people in the settlement, and opened few others. Met at least four types of scavengers. Borrowed my voice to all characters, for I had no speakers at the moment, but even so it sounds good. There's still lot of things to be done and lot of problems to be solved, but one thing is for sure, the mod will come out one day.


NOTE: All pictures were taken at day. So it's normal to be in a dark wood at day and see almost nothing but the gloomy mist or shadows and only few steps forward. But even when you see not far and you might think the mod is not large, I must say the mod area is extremely large.


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