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Speakers of Thanatos mod - Casting

Postby nouwak » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:30 pm

Anyone willing to use his voice to dub some characters is welcome. Please just record the lines below and a few more (anything you want). Then upload it on any hosting service and send a link to me. You can do it via e-mail: nouwak[at]gmail.com or this forum.

AI_Output(self,other,"Goral_Hi_3_01"); // Oh my god, am I dreaming?

AI_Output(other,self,"Goral_Hi_15_02"); // What?

AI_Output(self,other,"Goral_Hi_3_03"); // A living man. How did you get here?

AI_Output(other,self,"Brago_Borders_15_01"); // Why people are so afraid of the Borders?

AI_Output(self,other,"Brago_Borders_4_02"); // It's not the Borders of what the people are afraid, but the land, which lays behind.

AI_Output(other,self,"Brago_Borders_15_03"); // So what's behind?

AI_Output(self,other,"Brago_Borders_4_04"); // The worse than hell, boy. I don't even imagine.

AI_Output(other,self,"Brago_Borders_15_05"); // But you know something at least. Tell me.

AI_Output(self,other,"Brago_Borders_4_06"); // I know only one thing. We must get out of here as fast as possible. The problem is we don't know how.

AI_Output(other,self,"Brago_Borders_15_07"); // Maybe I will find the right way.

AI_Output(self,other,"Brago_Borders_4_08"); // You? You're as lost as we are. Boy, just stay alive, this is the most important thing you can do.
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