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Postby Dexter » Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:40 am

****Types and Tricks****

At the beginning of the game fits any experience points and therefore do not despise the possibility to obtain the totally free! Not far from the old camp is tucked inside the cave diggers Gilbert. When you discover you receive 100 experience, which is not much, but at the beginning of the game it makes sense.

So where Gilbert's cave? Get out of the old camp south gate behind her and turn right towards the new camp. After a while you will see say "stairs". Vyskákejte them and enter the cave, waiting with Gilbert before mentioned experience.

Defeat a powerful enemy with a stick and a force to be 10 is really simple. Just some animal lure into the water, swim piece from the shore, then come around the animal so that you could stand just you and the beast in question still swam. While swimming can not attack, but you can stand and fight, and in fact, you can pound it as you want

In later stages of the game will no longer be enough to heal with food or plants. Such a treatment is because a lot of tedious. Then you are needed potions. They are quite expensive and sell is always some magicians who have them in abundance. In the last chapter, when you will be able to teleport to the old camp, you will find the castle one dead mage Fire, which will carry these potions full ***** ... :) But if that's not enough, you can go to a new camp and kill Riordiana, Water mage, which also trades in potions. Other mages and mercenaries from it will not enthusiasm, but with your strength you would not make trouble. Riordian has it about three times more than the fire mage potions, so that by the end of the game you have the water.

There are basically two ways to kill a troll. Unless you do not count destructive magic. The first is to use the scroll Reduce the beast, which gets to troll acceptable size, and then it is no problem to kill him. The second is to go into it hard. Melee has two variants. In both, but you must have great strength and a weapon with a large damage. The first option go entirely to him, otherwise you miss, and flailing into it, what it can. He will not be able to defend and therefore you can wrest his fist. Anyway, be careful not to let him do so. The second option is to drink a potion of speed and run around the troll. Always surround troll to his ass and give him a few shots. The troll slowly begins to rotate, so you have a little time. Up to you will hardly face, turn it orbits etc. So you kill him without problems.

*****************************************************you write next tips**********************************************************
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