Rules of this forum

Global rules, which you have to follow!
Forum rules
1) General aspects:

  1. The rules are for everyone on this forum. Everyone is obliged to know this rules.
  2. Trespasing may lead to the banning of the user. The period of ban is given by admins or moderators.

2) Posts:

  1. Everyone is resposible for his posts with no exception.
  2. You are obliged to follow the thema of the topic you are posting at.
  3. It is forbidden any antisemitian, racial motive of the posts.
  4. It is forbidden to use insults against religion, nationality and gender.
  5. Spam is not permitted anywhere.
  6. The propagation of pornography or posting pornography material is forbidden.
  7. It is forbidden to use vulgar words.
  8. If creaing a topic the adequate place must be chosen.
  9. Provocation post are forbidden.
  10. The admins or moderators of the forum can change / erase any post which violate the forum rules and give bans for the trespasing.

3) Users:

  1. All the user must have a nick which doesn't violate the forum rules, is not provoking, vulgar, against the law etc.
  2. If you want to change your nick, don't make new account but contact administrator.
  3. If you got banned you must not create new account. If you do your new account will be banned as well.
  4. The words in signature must not exceed 400 letters. You can use a picture, but it must not exceed 150x600 pixels. Your whole signature must not exceed 150 pixels in height.
  5. Each user can have only one account.

4) Conclusion:

  1. Using this forum you are obliged to follow the law of the Czech republic and the international law.
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